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We are the Leading Pipe and Cable Supplier to the Marine Industry

We are a company specialized in the supply of industrial pipes and cables for the maritime industry. We have been supplying pipes and cables for more than 15 years. Together with our network of business partners, we are able to meet all needs related to cabling and piping.

Pipe and Cable Product Range

Pressed Connection Systems

We supply press fitting systems, compression, brazing and threaded fittings for all types of civil systems, from heating to air conditioning, drinking water to fire prevention systems.

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With our expertise in onboard electrical and data transmission solutions, Setimar is at your service with a wide range of products that adapt to different requirements and installation scenarios.

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To complete waste product lines, Setimar offers a wide range of innovative and patented solutions to suit all requirements and installation types. Contact us for your needs.

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Drinking Water Systems

We supply a complete range of pipes and fittings for the construction of drinking water supply, high and low temperature heating and cooling systems, compressed air and industrial systems.

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Waste Water Treatment Systems

We supply professional products that are indispensable for environmentally friendly and sustainable cruises, cleaning wastewater so that it can be returned to the seas or rivers without harming them.

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  • Choosing the Right and Durable Plumbing Pipe for Proper Transmission

    When choosing plumbing pipes for ships, durability and protection factors are important. Plumbing pipes used in the marine environment must be resistant to water, salt air, vibrations and mechanical influences. Materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or plastic must be resistant to corrosion and have a long service life. Furthermore, installation pipes must have sufficient strength and insulation properties to protect cables and isolate them from environmental influences. Choosing the right installation pipe is the basis for a safe and robust electrical installation.

  • Choosing the Right Cable for Safety and Durability

    When choosing electrical installation cables for ships, safety and durability are the most important factors. The marine environment requires cables to withstand harsh conditions. Water, salt air, vibrations and other environmental influences require cables to be specially designed, water-resistant, fireproof and high-performance. Therefore, it is important to check that the cables used on ships comply with marine standards and have quality certificates.

Our Business Partners

The Right Products for Your Needs

Understanding your needs and offering the right products is one of the primary goals of our company. We work meticulously to meet the requirements of each project by offering tailor-made solutions to our customers.

Our team of experts follows the latest trends and innovations in the industry with their experience and knowledge. Thus, we are constantly updating our portfolio to provide you with the best products and solutions.

We attach great importance to quality and durability in product selection. The brands we cooperate with offer products manufactured in accordance with the best standards in the industry. Thus, we aim to meet your needs in the best way possible, ensuring reliability and long-lasting use.

We focus on the unique needs of each of our customers and offer a variety of product options to provide you with the most suitable solutions. With efficient and accurate product selection, we bring together excellence and savings in your projects.

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