Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Products

In the maritime industry, lighting plays a critical role in safety, visibility and comfort. Interior and exterior lighting products with different features offer the highest standards of performance in illuminating every aspect of your maritime operations. With our wide range of products, we offer solutions for every need.

These products, with different types and features specific to your needs, combine reliability, durability and performance in the maritime industry. We illuminate every moment at sea with our products designed to provide the best visibility and safety at every stage of your operations.

Product Types

  • Led Recessed ceiling light
  • Led Surface mount light
  • Led Ceiling and wall light
  • Led Reading light
  • Led chart table lamp
  • Led courtesy light
  • Led StripLed Interior bulb
  • Led lighting for boom & bimini
  • Led spotlight deck, asthead & cockpit
  • Led navigation light
  • Led bulb for navigation light
  • Led downlight
  • Led floodlight
  • Led search light
  • Led Tubes
  • Led panel light
  • Led marine lantern
  • Power supply / Switch

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